A History of East Central Europe

Edited by Peter F. Sugar and Donald W. Treadgold

A History of East Central Europe is the first comprehensive, systematic study of the area as a whole to be published in any language. It is designed to present the series reader, the scholar who is not a specialist in East Central European history, and the student who is considering such specialization, with an introduction to the subject and a survey of knowledge deriving from previous publications.

Historical Atlas of Central Europe, Revised and Expanded Edition

by Paul Robert Magocsi

East Central Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1500

by Jean W. Sedlar

The Polish-Lithuanian State, 1386-1795

by Daniel Z. Stone

Southeastern Europe under Ottoman Rule, 1354-1804

by Peter F. Sugar

The Peoples of the Eastern Habsburg Lands, 1526-1918

by Robert A. Kann and Zdenek V. David

The Lands of Partitioned Poland, 1795-1918

by Piotr S. Wandycz

The Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1804-1920

by Charles and Barbara Jelavich

East Central Europe between the Two World Wars

by Joseph Rothschild