Studies on Ethnic Groups in China

Edited by Stevan Harrell, Professor of Anthropology, University of Washington.

Studies on Ethnic Groups in China intends to make available all kinds of scholarship on ethnic groups and ethnic relations in China. Works dealing with aspects of a single ethnic group, or with relations between ethnic groups in China, will be considered for publication. We welcome studies of premodern and modern China; mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; and relations among Han people, between Han and other peoples, and among various non-Han peoples. We hope to include works from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to anthropology, history, political science, literature, art, education, and geography.

Cultural Encounters on China's Ethnic Frontiers

edited by Stevan Harrell

Guest People: Hakka Identity in China and Abroad

edited by Nicole Constable

Familiar Strangers: A History of Muslims in Northwest China

by Jonathan N. Lipman

Lessons in Being Chinese: Minority Education and Ethnic Identity in Southwest China

by Mette Halskov Hansen

Manchus and Han: Ethnic Relations and Political Power in Late Qing and Early Republican China, 1861-1928

by Edward J. M. Rhoads

Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China

by Stevan Harrell

Governing China's Multiethnic Frontiers

edited by Morris Rossabi

On the Margins of Tibet: Cultural Survival on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier

by Ashild Kolas and Monika P. Thowsen

The Art of Ethnography: A Chinese "Miao Album"

translated by David Deal and Laura Hostetler

Doing Business in Rural China: Liangshan's New Ethnic Entrepreneurs

by Thomas Heberer

Communist Multiculturalism: Ethnic Revival in Southwest China

by Susan K. McCarthy

Religious Revival in the Tibetan Borderlands: The Premi of Southwest China

by Koen Wellens

Lijiang Stories: Shamans, Taxi Drivers, and Runaway Brides in Reform-Era China

by Emily Chao

In the Land of the Eastern Queendom: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan Border

by Tenzin Jinba

China's New Socialist Countryside: Modernity Arrives in the Nu River Valley

by Russell Harwood

Empire and Identity in Guizhou: Local Resistance to Qing Expansion

by Jodi L. Weinstein

A Landscape of Travel: The Work of Tourism in Rural Ethnic China

by Jenny Chio

Mapping Shangrila: Contested Landscapes in the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands

edited by Emily Yeh and Chris Coggins

The Han: China's Diverse Majority

by Agnieszka Joniak-Luthi

Xinjiang and the Modern Chinese State

by Justin M. Jacobs

In the Circle of White Stones: Moving through Seasons with Nomads of Eastern Tibet

by Gillian G. Tan

Medicine and Memory in Tibet: Amchi Physicians in an Age of Reform

by Theresia Hofer