Global Diasporas

Edited by Robin Cohen, Professorial Fellow, Department of International Development, University of Oxford.

The assumption that minorities and migrants will demonstrate anexclusive loyalty to the nation-state is now questionable. Scholars of nationalism, international migration and ethnic relations need new conceptual maps and fresh case studies to understand the growth of complex transnational identities. The old idea of "diaspora" may provide this framework. Though often conceived in terms of a catastrophic dispersion, widening the notion of diaspora to include trade, imperial, labour, and cultural diasporas can provide a more nuanced understanding of the often positive relationships between migrants' homelands and their places of work and settlement. This series of books attempts to capture the new relationships between home and abroad.

Global Disaporas: An Introduction

by Robin Cohen

New Diasporas: The Mass Exodus, Dispersal, and Regrouping of Migrant Communities

by Nicholas Van Hear

The Sikh Diaspora: Search for Statehood

by Darshan Singh Tatla

Italy's Many Diasporas: Elites, Exiles and Workers of the World

by Donna R. Gabaccia

The Israel Diaspora

by Steven J. Gold

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