Culture, Place, and Nature: Studies in Anthropology and Environment

Edited by K. Sivaramakrishnan, Professor of Anthropology, Yale University.

Centered in anthropology, the Culture, Place, and Nature series encompasses new interdisciplinary research on environmental issues, focusing on the intersection of culture, ecology, and politics in global, national, and local contexts. Contributors to the series view environmental knowledge and issues from the multiple and often conflicting perspectives of various cultural systems.

The Kuhls of Kangra: Community-Managed Irrigation in the Western Himalaya

by J. Mark Baker

The Earth's Blanket: Traditional Teachings for Sustainable Living

by Nancy J. Turner

Property and Politics in Sabah, Malaysia: Native Struggles over Land Rights

by Amity A. Doolittle

Border Landscapes: The Politics of Akha Land Use in China and Thailand

by Janet C. Sturgeon

From Enslavement to Environmentalism: Politics on a Southern African Frontier

by David McDermott Hughes

Ecological Nationalisms: Nature, Livelihoods, and Identities in South Asia

edited by Gunnel Cederlof and K. Sivaramakrishnan

The Tropics and the Traveling Gaze: India, Landscape, and Science, 1800-1856

by David Arnold

Being and Place among the Tlingit

by Thomas F. Thornton

Forest Guardians, Forest Destroyers: The Politics of Environmental Knowledge in Northern Thailand

by Tim Forsyth and Andrew Walker

Nature Protests: The End of Ecology in Slovakia

by Edward Snajdr

Wild Sardinia: Indigeneity and the Global Dreamtimes of Environmentalism

by Tracey Heatherington

Tahiti Beyond the Postcard: Power, Place, and Everyday Life

by Miriam Kahn

Forests of Belonging: Identities, Ethnicities, and Stereotypes in the Congo River Basin

by Stephanie Rupp

Enclosed: Conservation, Cattle, and Commerce among the Q'eqchi' Maya Lowlanders

by Liza Grandia

Puer Tea: Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic

by Jinghong Zhang

Andean Waterways: Resource Politics in Highland Peru

by Mattias Borg Rasmussen

Conjuring Property: Speculation and Environmental Futures in the Brazilian Amazon

by Jeremy M. Campbell

Forests Are Gold: Trees, People, and Environmental Rule in Vietnam

by Pamela D. McElwee

The Nature of Whiteness: Race, Animals, and Nation in Zimbabwe

by Yuka Suzuki

Organic Sovereignties: Struggles over Farming in an Age of Free Trade

by Guntra A. Aistara

Caring for Glaciers: Land, Animals, and Humanity in the Himalayas

by Karine Gagne