Critical Dialogues in Southeast Asian Studies

Edited by Charles F. Keyes, Professor of Anthropology and International Studies; Vicente L. Rafael, Professor of History; and Laurie J. Sears, Professor of History. All three series editors are at the University of Washington, Seattle.

These new perspectives in Southeast Asian studies reconsider traditional relationships among scholars, texts, archives, field sites, and subject matter. Volumes in the series feature inquiries into historiography, critical ethnography, colonialism and postcolonialism, nationalism and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, science and technology, politics and society, and literature, drama, and film. This scholarship sheds light on shifting contexts and contests over forms of knowing and modes of action that inform cultural politics and shape histories of modernity.

Imagined Ancestries of Vietnamese Communism: Ton Duc Thang and the Politics of History and Memory

by Christoph Giebel

Beginning to Remember: The Past in the Indonesian Present

edited by Mary S. Zurbuchen

Seditious Histories: Contesting Thai and Southeast Asian Pasts

by Craig J. Reynolds

Knowing Southeast Asian Subjects

edited by Laurie J. Sears

Making Fields of Merit: Buddhist Female Ascetics and Gendered Orders in Thailand

by Monica Lindberg Falk

Love, Passion and Patriotism: Sexuality and the Philippine Propaganda Movement, 1882-1892

by Raquel A. G. Reyes

Gathering Leaves and Lifting Words: Histories of Buddhist Monastic Education in Laos and Thailand

by Justin Thomas McDaniel

The Ironies of Freedom: Sex, Culture, and Neoliberal Governance in Vietnam

by Thu-huong Nguyen-vo

Submitting to God: Women and Islam in Urban Malaysia

by Sylva Frisk

No Concessions: The Life of Yap Thiam Hien, Indonesian Human Rights Lawyer

by Daniel S. Lev

The Buddha on Meccas's Verandah: Encounters, Mobilities, and Histories along the Malasian-Thai Border

by Irving Chan Johnson

Dreaming of Money in Ho Chi Minh City

by Allison J. Truitt

Mapping Chinese Rangoon: Place and Nation among the Sino-Burmese

by Jayde Lin Roberts

The New Way: Protestantism and the Hmong in Vietnam

by Tam T. T. Ngo

Imperial Bandits: Outlaws and Rebels in the China-Vietnam Borderlands

by Bradley Camp Davis

Living Sharia: Law and Practice in Malaysia

by Timothy P. Daniels

Mediating Islam: Cosmopolitan Journalisms in Muslim Southeast Asia

by Janet Steele