Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum Monographs

Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form

by Bill Holm

Edward S. Curtis in the Land of the War Canoes: A Pioneer Cinematographer in the Pacific Northwest

by Bill Holm and George Irving Quimby

Smoky-Top: The Art and Times of Willie Seaweed

by Bill Holm

Spirit and Ancestor: A Century of Northwest Coast Indian Art in the Burke Museum

by Bill Holm

Niuatoputapu: The Prehistory of a Polynesian Chiefdom

by Patrick V. Kirch

gyaehlingaay: Traditions, Tales, and Images of the Kaigani Haida

by Carol M. Eastman and Elizabeth A. Edwards

A Time of Gathering: Native Heritage in Washington State

edited by Robin K. Wright

Contributions to the Paleontology and Geology of the West Coast: In Honor of V. Standish Mallory

edited by James E. Martin

Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory: The Archaeology of San Juan Island

by Julie K. Stein

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