Jackson School Publications in International Studies

Senator Henry M. Jackson was convinced that the study of the history, cultures, political systems, and languages of the world's major regions was an essential prerequisite for wise decision-making in international relations. In recognition of his deep commitment to higher education and advanced scholarship, this series of publications has been established through the generous support of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, in cooperation with the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and the University of Washington Press.

The Crisis of Leninism and the Decline of the Left: The Revolutions of 1989

edited by Daniel Chirot

Sino-Soviet Normalization and its International Implications, 1945-1990

by Lowell Dittmer

Contradictions: Artistic Life, the Socialist State, and the Chinese Painter Li Huasheng

by Jerome Silbergeld with Gong Jisui

The Found Generation: Chinese Communists in Europe during the Twenties

by Marilyn A. Levine

Rules and Rights in the Middle East: Democracy, Law, and Society

edited by Ellis Goldberg, Resat Kasaba, and Joel S. Migdal

Can Europe Work?: Germany and the Reconstruction of Postcommunist Societies

edited by Stephen Hanson and Willfried Spohn

Marxist Intellectuals and the Chinese Labor Movement: A Study of Deng Zhongxia (1894-1933)

by Daniel Y. K. Kwan

Essential Outsiders: Chinese and Jews in the Modern Transformation of Southeast Asia and Central Europe

edited by Daniel Chirot and Anthony Reid

Days of Defeat and Victory

by Yegor Gaidar

The Production of Hindu-Muslim Violence in Contemporary India

by Paul R. Brass

Serbia Since 1989: Politics and Society under Milosevic and After

edited by Sabrina P. Ramet and Vjeran Pavlokovic

Boris Yeltsin and Russia's Democratic Transformation

by Herbert J. Ellison

The New Woman in Uzbekistan: Islam, Modernity, and Unveiling under Communism

by Marianne Kamp

Confronting Memories of World War II: European and Asian Legacies

Edited by Daniel Chirot, Gi-Wook Shin, and Daniel Sneider

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