Food, People, Planet

Edited by Lucy Jarosz, Chair and Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Washington; and Ann Anagnost, Professor of Anthropology, University of Washington

Access to safe, healthy, ethically and sustainably produced food has become a pressing contemporary concern. The Food, People, Planet series publishes scholarly work that critiques the large-scale social inequities and environmental damage produced by international food production and distribution. It also invites work that imagines alternatives and articulates grassroots transformations in food systems and food and eating. Through considerations of ethical, environmental, and cultural dimensions of eating, health, and nourishment, the Food, People, Planet series contributes to the vibrant and expanding interdisciplinary field of critical food studies.

Food is an optic through which to examine social justice, inequality, anti-racist and anti-sexist practices, climate change, and dispossession. The cultural dimensions of health and nourishment encompass practices, narratives, and ideologies important in understanding the relationships among food, people, and places. The series welcomes new work that explores all of these connections including food sovereignty, food and embodiment, as well as the cultural politics of food production and consumption. We especially encourage submission of critical work that opens up these conversations to a wider audience, offering points of entry to interested readers seeking a deeper understanding of the future of food.

Please direct all questions and submissions to:
Larin McLaughlin
Editor in Chief
University of Washington Press

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