Praise for Our Books

The Shadows of Owls: A Novel

John Keeble

"With The Shadows of Owls, novelist John Keeble has unleashed a sprawling storm of a novel that has all the elements of a Northwest classic. Keeble has crafted an armchair-gripping eco-thriller that is broad and generous in its portrayal of ordinary people caught in the grip of unchecked power."
- Seattle Times

"Keeble's prose and descriptions of the landscape in the Northwest are stunning, and he takes every opportunity to slow the narrative and observe the beauty of what surrounds the characters. Even so, the story is riveting and suspenseful, full of surprises behind every bend in the scenery-strewn road." - Booklist

Nature Next Door: Cities and Trees in the American Northeast

Ellen Stroud

"The extent of reforestation in the American Northeast is nothing short of remarkable, especially considering that it is the most urbanized region of the nation. Once 75 percent deforested, the region is now 75 percent forested. In this elegant volume, Ellen Stroud asks how that happened and finds unexpected answers." - Journal of American History

"Ellen Stroud . . . explores the Northeast's interconnected urban and rural spaces and invites readers to reconsider old assumptions about their separateness. Nature Next Door is essential reading for scholars and citizens interested in the relationship between urban and rural history." - The New England Quarterly

"Ellen Stroud offers a compelling historical explanation for the return of America's northeastern forests. Historians, land managers, and elected officials would do well to consider the historical and continuing relationship between forests, towns, and cities in America's Northeast. Stroud's excellent book offers an instructive path into the woods." - Environmental History

Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World

Todd McLeish

"His expertise shines in this pithy, entertaining book, which concludes with a sober assessment of the future for this species, one of only three truly Arctic cetaceans, in a warming world." - BBC Wildlife

"Anthropology, conservation, biology and local cultural and economic considerations blend effortlessly in this account. Ultimately the reader comes away with a profound awareness of the complications involved in maintaining in perpetuity a long lived species whose behavioral and ecological circumstances ironically leave it vulnerable to anthropogenic perturbations." - American Association for the Advancement of Science

The Meek Cutoff: Tracing the Oregon Trail's Lost Wagon Train of 1845

Brooks Geer Ragen

"Beautifully illustrated with color images and detailed maps, this work makes a fine contribution to trail studies. The Meek Cutoff is a handsome addition to the library of Oregon Trail Studies and should grace the shelves of all students of the subject." - Overland Journal

Four Thousand Hooks: A True Story of Fishing and Coming of Age on the High Seas of Alaska

Dean Adams

"The well-honed prose tells a good story and one is encouraged to turn the pages to see what happens next. This is not only a very readable book but an important record of a particular type of fishing." - Mariners Mirror

"Four Thousand Hooks says a lot about our ability to meet extraordinary challenges, and suggests that maybe we're all stronger and more capable than we realize. [It's] filled with fascinating details of the fishing life, makes for awfully good reading." - National Fisherman

The North Cascades Highway: A Roadside Guide

Jack McLeod

"A beautifully photographed guide to the history, geology and notable spots along the spectacular highway through the North Cascades." - Seattle Times

"His ruminations are brief but wide-ranging enough to spur curiosity and tempt the reader to do more exploration, whether in books or on foot. The North Cascades Highway should awaken a new perspective and remind us . . . what a privilege it is to have such ready access to such rugged mountains." - Methow Valley News

Enclosed: Conservation, Cattle, and Commerce among the Q'eqchi' Maya Lowlanders

Liza Grandia

"Grandia revela como la historia de las luchas de los q'eqchi's contra el cercamiento de sus tierras puede contribuir a una mayor comprension de los cercamientos de las tierras comunales a favor de las empresas en todo el mundo." - Mesoamerica

"The book is well crafted and clearly written . . . a significant contribution to environmental anthropology and an important ethnography about the Q'eqchi'."
- Current Anthropology

The Republic of Nature: An Environmental History of the United States

Mark Fiege

"Mark Fiege re-frames the canonical account of American history based on the simple but radical premise that nothing in the nation's past can be considered apart from the natural circumstances in which it occurred . . . and points to a different version of history that prompts us to reconnect with fundamental forces that shaped the American experience." - Utah Public Radio

Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea, 1910-1945

Edited by Hong Yung Lee, Yong-chool Ha, and Clark W. Sorensen

"The essays are particularly provocative in the questions they raise about laws and policies - most notably, village consolidation, the Peace Preservation Law, and thought conversion - that were applied to both Japan and Korea but with very different results." - Choice Reviews

Selected Letters of A. M. A. Blanchet, Bishop of Walla Walla and Nesqualy (1846-1879)

Edited by Roberta Stringham Brown and Patricia O'Connell Killen

"This selection of 45 letters by the first Catholic Bishop of Walla Walla provides a view of early Washington history through the eyes of an intelligent and perceptive cleric and administrator." - Seattle Times

Oregon's Doctor to the World: Esther Pohl Lovejoy and a Life in Activism

Kimberly Jensen

"Kimberly Jensen has written an incredibly rich, exhaustively researched biography. A simple narrative chronology of this exceptional woman would alone be exciting to read. But Jenson gives us so much more." - Journal of American History

"Kimberly Jensen sheds new light on the life of Esther Pohl Lovejoy, an Oregon activist whose legacy continues well beyond the campaign for suffrage."
- Oregon Humanities

Duane Pasco: Life as Art

Duane Pasco and Barbara Winther

"Duane Pasco: Life as Art, a lavish coffee-table book, examines his unlikely career as a white sculptor-carver working in and helping to revive Northwest Coast Native American traditions. The work, beautifully reproduced in this volume, speaks for itself." - Seattle Times

"From elaborate mixed-media masks to decorative totem poles, the artist's works and words convey the richness of a beautiful artistic tradition." - Alaska Airlines Magazine

Bartering with the Bones of Their Dead: The Colville Confederated Tribes and Termination

Laurie Arnold

"This is an excellent tribal case study of the kind and caliber needed for further understanding of the termination era. It shows how complicated, intense, and permutable the positions and arguments on termination could be among Native groups. It shows how Native individuals played crucial and diverse roles in affecting tribal outcomes in regard to termination and expansive federal policy."
- Western Historical Quarterly

Understory: Poems

Paulann Petersen

"These poems showcase Petersen's talent for picking out the smallest details - a stitch, a brushstroke, a drop of water - in travels, myth, the routine of everyday life, and wringing insight from them." - Oregon Humanities