Praise for Our Books

Tangled Roots: The Appalachian Trail and American Environmental Politics

Sarah Mittlefehldt

"In this compelling history of the Appalachian Trail (AT), Sarah Mittlefehldt emphasizes community engagement, public-private cooperation, and environmental stewardship . . . politicians and citizens should read this excellent book to learn about the importance of grass-roots environmentalism combined with federal action. In fact, it will make for fine reading along the trail." - North Carolina Historical Review

"Deftly avoiding the traps of both "top-down" and "bottom-up" history, Sarah Mittlefehldt's study of the decades-long struggle to create the Appalachian Trail explores the intersection of private activism with public policy at local, regional, and national levels . . . a welcome addition to the history of U.S. environmental policy and politics." - American Historical Review

Return to the Land of the Head Hunters: Edward S. Curtis, the Kwakwaka'wakw, and the Making of Modern Cinema

Edited by Brad Evans and Aaron Glass

"An important work, dealing with the history of the Kwakwaka'wakw as well as the history of cinema . . . [with] essays by anthropologists, Native American authorities, artists, musicians, literary scholars, and film historians. The book includes Kwakwaka'wakw perspectives on the film, as well as information about how it was made and distributed." - Times Colonist

"The benefit of hindsight tempts us to dismiss Curtis's naivete or his fetishization of authenticity. But the many voices brought together here - art historians both native and non-native, activists, anthropologists, even a renowned modern Kwakwaka'wakw documentary filmmaker - reach for a more nuanced critical appreciation of the film's legacy. . . . Glass, Evans, and their contributors show Curtis and his native collaborators have left something that can be bent to new uses as a bulwark against cultural erasure. - Reed Magazine

In the Land of the Eastern Queendom: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan Border

Jimba Tenzin

"A highly recommended reference for feminist scholars working on the intertwining of ethnicity and gender as well as policy makers and practitioners seeking to design policies that closely align with local concerns and sensitivities." - Asian Journal of Women's Studies

"A refreshing contribution to our understanding of the complexities of gender and ethnicity along the Sino-Tibetan border regions." - The China Quarterly

A Principled Stand: The Story of Hirabayashi v. United States

Gordon Hirabayashi with James A. Hirabayashi and Lane Ryo Hirabayashi

"What a treat it is to spend a few hours with three of the finest minds that have ever addressed Japanese American history . . . [in this] memoir constructed out of the World War II diaries of Gordon Hirabayashi and other documents." - Oregon Historical Quarterly

"The authors succeed in one of their main goals: letting people get to know Gordon the person, not merely Gordon the plaintiff in a noted legal case. . . . A Principled Stand should be added to the growing number of quality, firsthand accounts of that era." - Oral History Review

Chang'an Avenue and the Modernization of Chinese Architecture

Shuishan Yu

"Presents evocative ideas through detailed accounts of various projects in different historical periods . . . [and] demonstrates that modernization has never been linear in regard to urban planning and architectural design in modern China." - The China Journal

Confronting Memories of World War II: European and Asian Legacies

Edited by Daniel Chirot, Gi-Wook Shin, and Daniel Sneider

"A forceful and timely warning about the dangers of leaving problematic memory legacies unresolved." - Michigan War Studies Review

In Pursuit of Alaska: An Anthology of Travelers' Tales, 1879-1909

Edited by Jean Morgan Meaux

"In Pursuit of Alaska is clearly a labor of love beautifully realized by the University of Washington Press." - Western American Literature

Women's Poetry of Late Imperial China: Transforming the Inner Chambers

Xiaorong Li

"An important addition to the study of Ming-Qing women [that] . . . ground[s] the study of poetic images and syntax in the contexts of women's experience as readers, writers, and historical agents." - Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies

Painting of the Realm: The Kano House of Painters in Seventeenth-Century Japan

Yukio Lippit

"Contribute[s] to the study of early modern Japanese painting in [its] reframing of some of the most salient issues." - The Art Bulletin

Tainted Revelations: The Art of Bill Ohrmann

Joe Ashbrook Nickell

"Seven years ago, Joe Nickell stepped into Bill Ohrmann's art museum and realized he had found an artist about whom everyone needed to know. Ohrmann, a 95-year-old retired rancher, has created hundreds of colorful paintings with images depicting war, animal cruelty, environmental degradation, racism and other human follies with unapologetic, often satirical criticism. . . . [Tainted Revelations] is a striking tribute to a passionate artist." - Missoula Independent