Praise for Our Books

Skookum Summer: A Novel of the Pacific Northwest

Jack Hart

"Skookum Summer is a suspenseful and satisfying whodunit, but it is, simultaneously, the fully realized coming-of-age tale of a young man taking stock of himself for the first time. . . . One part murder mystery, one part journey of self-discovery, one part novel of ideas - Skookum Summer accomplishes an astonishing amount in just 300 pages. Jack Hart's substantial book entertains as it provokes thought and shines with the skookum of its subject." - Joe Garvin, City Living Seattle, May 16, 2014

Encounters in Avalanche Country: A History of Survival in the Mountain West, 1820-1920

Diana L. Di Stefano

"Encounters in Avalanche Country is a well-documented exploration effectively shaped by the originality of its approach. It should be of specific interest to historians investigating litigation anent liability, but it surely would engage anyone wanting to know more about the asperities endured by our western ancestors." - Michael Johnson, American Historical Review

"Well illustrated with twenty pages of black and white photos, this book will interest not only those who enjoy delving into Western history but also any person who is curious about the way winter avalanches influence life in the mountains of the West." - Robert Walch, Weekend Salinas Californian

Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World

Todd McLeish

"Based on interviews with researchers and his own research, McLeish weaves a compelling story about narwhals and the impact of the changing climate on their survival. . . . This book is a great read for general audiences and students as well as scientists interested in narwhals." - A. K. Volety, Choice, August 2014

Citizen 13660

Mine Okubo

"Originally published in 1946, Citizen 13660 is a documentation of life inside the World War II 'relocation centers' for those of Japanese ancestry. This oft-overlooked portion of American history is brought poignantly to life by Okubo's expressive ink drawings and accompanying text. . . . Without a doubt, this book should be on required reading lists for high schools across the country." - Allyce Amidon, Foreword Reviews, September 2014

Car Country: An Environmental History

Christopher W. Wells

"Car Country is an excellent and needed addition to the still remarkably small literature that explores the combined histories of Americans, automobiles, and the environment." - Tom McCarthy, The Michigan Historical Review

"Wells has produced an important and persuasive new chapter in the history of American car culture." - David Blanke, Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

"Through an impressive use of primary and secondary materials along with a lucid narrative style, Christopher Wells successfully describes and analyzes the complex interactions of widespread automobile ownership and the ubiquity of suburban life." - Rudi Volti, Environmental History

Becoming Big League: Seattle, the Pilots, and Stadium Politics

Bill Mullins

"Any person going through the turnstiles, any person in an already established MLB city, and anyone who finds themselves in a potential city considered for expansion have an indelible resource for reference in Mullins' work." - Matthew J. Bartkowiak, The Journal of Popular Culture

Enclosed: Conservation, Cattle, and Commerce among the Q'eqchi' Maya Lowlanders

Liza Grandia

"Enclosed is an engaged and engaging account of contested resources that seeks to demonstrate the impacts of historical and contemporary land enclosures on Q'eqchi' livelihoods, migration, resource use, and resistance." - Sophie Haines, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia

Edited by Robert T. Boyd, Kenneth M. Ames, and Tony A. Johnson

"The book is divided into two parts; one focusing on what is known of the Chinook precontact, the other on their postcontact world. With chapters ranging from the environment, subsistence, and exchange to social organization and culture, part 1 has something for all. Of note, and certainly heartbreaking, are the chapters in the second part that discuss the politico-legal situation and history of the Chinookan peoples. . . . Highly recommended." - M. Ebert, Choice, June 2014

Danish Folktales, Legends, and Other Stories

Edited by Timothy R. Tangherlini

"An exceptional addition to the 'New Directions in Scandinavian Studies' series, this collection consists of two complementary components: a printed book that stands alone as an introduction to and exploration of Danish folklore, and comprehensive digital content stored on an accompanying DVD. . . . This useful two-faceted work should generate much interest in multiple disciples, particularly Scandinavian and/or folklore. Recommended." - J. Sundquist, Choice, June 2014

"A seminal work of truly impressive scholarship throughout. Erudite, extraordinarily well written, and very strongly recommended for academic library Folktale & Folklore collections." - Jack Mason, Midwest Book Review, June 2014

Selected Letters of A. M. A. Blanchet, Bishop of Walla Walla and Nesqualy (1846-1879)

Edited by Roberta Stringham Brown and Patricia O'Connell Killen

"This is an expertly translated and edited collection . . . [that] will appeal to scholars, students, and general interest readers in the Pacific Northwest history. Brown and Killen have made accessible a set of primary sources that give voice to lesser known historical actors, including French Canadian and French-Indian settlers and Catholic female missionaries." - Melinda Marie Jette, Oregon Historical Quarterly, Summer 2014

"Through careful selection and judicious interpretation, the editors have teased out the complicated life and personality of Blanchet as he confronted a tangled mission world . . . Brown and Killen are to be applauded for bringing attention to this bishop of the Northwest and doing so with the highest standards of scholarship." - Anne M. Butler, American Catholic Studies, Summer 2014

The Promise of Wilderness: American Environmental Politics since 1964

James Morton Turner

"James Morton Turner here gives us a highly detailed, exquisitely researched, and exciting account of the nearly 50 years of political, social, and cultural history of the environmental struggle since the [Wilderness Act of 1964], using wilderness as the flashpoint of that massive endeavor - an endeavor even more important today than it was a half century ago." - Francis Moul, Great Plains Research

The Nature of Borders: Salmon, Boundaries, and Bandits on the Salish Sea

Lissa K. Wadewitz

"Environmental historians have understood for some time . . . that political boundaries have complicated the management of ecosystems and valuable migrating species. In her persuasive and innovative book, Lissa K. Wadewitz combines these developments, along with new thinking about Native American history, labor history, and even a dose of diplomatic history, to examine salmon fishing in the Salish Sea." - Kurk Dorsey, American Historical Review, April 2014

Artists Reclaim the Commons: New Works / New Territories / New Publics

Edited by Glenn Harper and Twylene Moyer

"Artists Reclaim the Commons features a wide selection of experimental public art. It will jump-start your imagination and help you to plan some exciting, innovative projects. Such activities might be personal, social, or political in nature, but they're sure to be highly creative and expressive, judging by the inspiration in the book." - Arts & Activities

Finding Their Voice: Northeastern Villagers and the Thai State

Charles F. Keyes

"In the few months since this book was written, Thai politics has done another somersault. These ructions will continue. This book charts the social and intellectual changes underlying one major element of this turbulence, and is thus necessary reading for understanding current and near future Thai politics." - Bangkok Post, March 17, 2014