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Asian Law Series

The Asian Law Series was initiated in 1969, with the cooperation of the University of Washington Press and the Institute for Comparative and Foreign Area Studies (now the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies), in order to publish the results of several projects under way in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean law.

The Constitution of Japan: Its First Twenty Years, 1947-1976, Edited by Dan Fenno Henderson

Village "Contracts" in Tokugawa Japan: Fifty Specimens with English Translations and Comments by Dan Fenno Henderson

Chinese Family Law and Social Change in Historic and Comparative Perspective, Edited by David C. Buxbaum

Law and Politics in China's Foreign Trade, Edited by Victor H. Li

Patent and Know-how Licensing in Japan and the United States, Edited by Teruo Doi and Warren L. Shattuck

The Constitutional Case Law of Japan: Selected Supreme Court Decisions, 1961-70, by Hiroshi Itoh and Lawrence Ward Beer

Japan's Commission on the Constitution: The Final Report, Translated and edited by John M. Maki

Securities Regulations in Korea: Problems and Recommendations for Feasible Reforms, by Young Moo Shin

Order and Discipline in China: The Shanghai Mixed Court, 1911-27, by Thomas B. Stephens

The Economic Contract Law of the PRC: Legitimation and Contract Autonomy in China, by Pitman B. Potter

Japanese Labor Law, by Kazuo Sugeno. Translated by Leo Kanowitz.

Constitutional Systems in Late Twentieth-Century Asia, Edited by Lawrence W. Beer

The Constitutional Case Law of Japan, 1970 through 1990, by Lawrence W. Beer and Hiroshi Itoh

The Limits of the Rule of Law in China, Edited by Karen G. Turner, James V. Feinerman, and R. Kent Guy

Legal Reform in Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule, 1895-1945: The Reception of Western Law, by Tay-sheng Wang

Antitrust in Germany and Japan: The First Fifty Years, 1947-1998, by John O. Haley

Titles without links are listed as out of print with the University of Washington Press.