2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey

About the Survey

In February 2007, Computing & Communications (now named UW Information Technology) asked a random sample of faculty, staff, and students (undergraduate and graduate) to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, the first undertaken. We'd like to share the results. The purpose of the survey was to:

  • Identify areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Find out what improvements are seen as important to make
  • Use this data to prioritize continuous improvement initiatives

Approximately 1700 members of the UW community received the invitation to take the survey online and 735 (43 percent) did so. We thank them for the time they took to provide feedback to us. The survey questions covered a number of topics including the UW network, email, telephones, security, Web publishing, getting help, and several other areas.

To ensure objectivity and confidentiality, we hired the consulting firm MOR Associates to carry out the survey, analyze the data, and prepare a report. MOR Associates has done similar surveys for the IT (information technology) units at MIT, Stanford, the University of Chicago, and other universities.

Some of the responses were optional fill-in the blank or an opportunity to provide more detail if "other" was selected as a response. These are not part of the statistics, but rather are being used to identify efforts that can be woven into our continuous improvement initiatives.

We invite you to look over the survey results and thank you for your interest. We are committed to improving our customers' experiences by continuing to enhance our services and responsiveness.

Survey Results

You can download the following PDFs of the report: