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Student Jobs

The skills and diversity students bring to UW-IT are vital to the success of many of our programs. Students usually work the maximum of 19.5 hours/week, and gain valuable customer service and technical skills.


Job Description UW-IT Area Skills Gained Position Status How to Apply
Digital Video Instructor Learning Technologies  Teaching, training, video editing and making movies Accepting applications  Upload your resume and cover letter to this this Catalyst Dropbox
 CISO Student Staff  Office of the Chief Information Security Officer Customer service, online security issues, technical support Accepting applications Send a resume and cover letter to this email address.
Business and Efficiency Instructor  Learning Technologies  Develop technological expertise and skill in teaching  Accepting applications  Upload your resume and cover letter to this this Catalyst Dropbox.
Student Developer Academic & Collaborative Applications

Software Development, Quality Assurance Testing

Not accepting applications at this time
Canvas and Catalyst Tools Consultant Learning Technologies

Software support, testing and client consultation

Always accepting applications Submit an online application
Learning Technologies Web Tools Consultant Learning Technologies

Experience with software testing and QA; work with developers to improve products and services

Always accepting applications Submit your resume and cover letter to this dropbox.
Customer Service Positions Network Operations Opportunity to work with a large-scale network, supporting the operation of UW-managed networks Accepting applications Submit your cover letter and resume to this dropbox
STF Assistant Classroom Technology & Events

Experience with the latest audiovisual technology

Customer service

Currently no open positions Email your cover letter and resume to: classrm@uw.edu

The University of Washington does not discriminate against individuals because of race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran.