Metrics: Finances


UW-IT manages an annual budget* of approximately $109 million to provide support to the University community through the service areas listed below. Almost 50 percent ($50,117,960) of UW-IT’s FY 2014 budget is dedicated to providing a basic bundle of critical IT services to all UW students, faculty and staff.

These basic services are supported by $31,221,057 in UW central funds and $18,896,903 from the Technology Recharge Fee (TRF). This fee was established in FY 2011 to provide a sustainable, long-term funding model for IT. It replaced an outdated recharge model based on phone lines, which did not fully cover the cost of services. The TRF is a per-capita rate paid by all UW academic and administrative units and UW Medical Centers.

UW-IT is committed to using our resources efficiently and effectively to meet the present and future needs of the UW community, and to providing transparency and accountability in our use of resources.

*This budget reflects several changes in reporting methodology from prior periods: Sources (Revenue) now includes Temporary Allocations and Carryover Funds, and Uses (Expenses) now includes both Regional Networks and Classroom Technology & Events, which transferred to UW-IT in FY 2014.

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FY 2014: UW-IT Annual Budget by Service Costs
Service Area Cost
Administrative Systems 33,416,752
Data Networks 19,603,306
Telecommunication Services 8,520,991
Classroom Technology & Events 6,021,673
Regional Networks 4,941,908
Email, Calendaring and Collaboration Tools 4,632,796
Teaching and Learning Tools 4,245,243
Information Security and Privacy 4,105,965
Managed Servers and Workstations 3,512,902
Data Center and Facilities 3,483,439
Identity and Access Management 3,375,428
Campus Software Licensing 3,002,219
Student Technology Fee–Funded Initiatives 2,216,760
Digital Asset Management and Distribution 1,541,623
Backups and Mass Storage 1,464,086
Accessible Technologies 1,157,333
Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity 1,039,592
Office of the VP and CIO 986,276
UW Support for KEXP and UWTV 671,579
IT Consulting 572,076
Cable Television 502,004
Technology Spaces and Labs 400,467
Total $109,414,419


FY 2014: UW-IT Funding by Source
Funding Source Cost Percent
State Appropriations, Tuition and Indirect Cost Recovery 51,260,994 47%
Self-Sustaining Services 25,297,026 23%
Technology Recharge Fee 18,896,903 17%
Temporary Allocations and Carryover Funds 11,742,736 11%
Student Technology Fee 2,216,760 2%
Total Funding $109,414,419 100%

UW-IT Funding by Source