Metrics: 2011 Employee Satisfaction

UW-IT conducted an employee satisfaction "organizational pulse" survey in December 2011. All UW-IT staff members were asked to provide feedback on 11 themes that comprise an exemplary organization.

The survey was designed to provide a quick snapshot of employee satisfaction as a follow-up to a more extensive employee satisfaction survey conducted in 2009. This section summarizes the results of the survey, which provided a "pulse of the organization" and was used to develop an action plan (see beneath graphic). 

Employee "Organizational Pulse" Satisfaction Survey Results


UW-IT Organizational Pulse Survey

2011 Action Plan

In response to the survey, UW-IT’s senior leadership team developed a plan to achieve continuous improvement. Actions included:

  • Continue to offer and improve the leadership development program launched in June 2012
  • Enhance UW-IT’s intranet to make it a better and more useful resource for staff
  • Develop a portal for UW-IT staff to learn about existing communities or special interest groups (SIGs) internally or across campus
  • Host succession planning workshops for managers to help identify risks, increase bench strength, and transfer knowledge
  • Create more tools and training for onboarding new staff
  • Seek staff input on ways to encourage and support increased collaboration
  • Continue to improve internal communications, including cascading of information throughout the organization