Information Management

Our Vision

We collaborate with our partners to bring the UW's mission to life by providing advanced business solutions and information management essential to a world-class university.

Our Mission

Transform data and information into the knowledge essential to achieving the UW's mission of discovery.

Develop, deliver and manage reliable, flexible administrative systems that advance the work of our partners across the UW community.

Collaborate and innovate with our partners to understand their needs and improve their business operations.

Provide our partners with information to make effective decisions.

Help dissolve barriers to change by embracing and sharing practical new ways to tackle problems, deliver solutions and get results.

Our Values

We work closely with our partners to help them realize their deepest interests and highest aspirations.

We listen, communicate and act. We take the initiative and anticipate our partners' needs.

We bring open minds and a spirit of innovation to exploring new ideas and solving tough challenges.

We keep our promises and build relationships on honesty and respect.

We bring people together to make decisions and get things done.

Raising the bar
We continually seek to improve our services and solutions in measurable, meaningful ways.