Information Management

Draft UW Information Services Strategy

The DRAFT UW Information Services Strategy (ISS) report was prepared March 2002 by then Chief Information Officer Ed Lightfoot. It outlined a vision and proposed approach for creating the technical foundation that would enable the UW to realize the potential of information technology, including the ability to:

  • Provide better resources and services to constituents
  • Support next-generation research and learning
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of faculty and staff
  • Reach constituents in new and powerful ways

The DRAFT UW Information Services Strategy primarily covered technical directions for then Computing & Communications (C&C) and then OIM units providing information services (Information Services, IT Infrastructure). The UW incrementally implemented this plan.

  • ISS report body--Includes the vision, current situation, conceptual framework, implementation issues, implications, and next steps. (3/11/02 version, 49 pages, in PDF or MS Word 2002.)
  • ISS report appendices--Includes an overview of implementation activities and descriptions of specific projects (2/4/02 version, 120-pages, in PDF or MS Word 2002.)
  • Graphic visualizing the strategy--Maps the conceptual framework to activities. (5/24/04 version, 1-page Adobe Acrobat PDF file 11x17-inch [tabloid].)
  • Table of activities--Enlarged table of C&C and OIM activities, from the right side of the graphic linked above. (5/24/04 version, 5-page Adobe Acrobat PDF file 11x8.5.)