National Partnerships

Information Management has a significant leadership role in the following national organizations:

Kuali Rice Board of Directors

Kuali Rice is a set of open source foundational middleware, infrastructure and development tools that enable institutions to construct sophisticated application software. There are many components and technology strategies that work in a coordinated fashion to allow quick development and implementation of application software. Rice represents an opportunity for colleges and universities to collectively understand and manage their resources and activities and integrate applications across their enterprise. It enables improvements in productivity and business process efficiencies. Bill Yock, Board Member 2008 - 2014, Chair 2010 – 2012

UNITE Board of Directors

UNITE is a proactive independent and volunteer-based organization of Unisys users from around the world. As such it is an effective partner with Unisys and complementary service providers, and a strong advocate for Unisys users. Alan Lechtenberg, Board Member, 2012-2014