Information Management

Electronic Faculty Effort and Cost Sharing


The project's success depends on volunteer teams whose efforts encompass everything from high-level process change recommendations, to requirements gathering and use case documentation, to technical collaboration and system design. This page contains a complete lists of current participants, including: Business Advisory Group, Process Improvement Team, User Task Group, PI Advisory Team, Technical Advisory Group, Online FEC SME Group, eFECS Project Staff

Business Advisory Group (BAG)

The BAG provides knowledge of institutional priorities and lends top down support to the project. The group meets monthly and provides input and perspective on major decisions and issues that arise. The group helps to facilitate cooperation across organizational lines and works to remove barriers to communication, cooperation and change.

Process Improvement Team (PIT)

The PIT is charged with the day-to-day leadership of the project, identifying the project scope and ensuring that end-user involvement drives each stage of product development. PIT members are familiar with the business requirements of the project, and take a global view in representing campus as they develop a phasing strategy and prioritize deliverables. The team meets two or more times a month as needed, and along with UTG members, they assist the project staff with outreach activities such as training and communication strategies.

User Task Group (UTG)

USER Task Groups are volunteers who represent a broad range of end-users, with firsthand knowledge of the process to be improved. Several UTG focus groups were engaged during development of Online Certification to provide feedback on User Experience, iterative feature testing, business process changes and training deliverables.

PI Advisory Team

Composed of a cross-section of Principal Investigators Representing a broad constituent base, this team meets quarterly to provide input and direction to the project team. They help to establish buy-in, support, and participation during all phases of the project.

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

This team facilitates collaboration among SAGE, eFECS and FDI developers in the design and creation of the eFECS database and related schemas. The teams will also make decisions regarding the storage of the data and long-term system maintenance.

Online FEC Subject Matter Experts

This team composed of cost share and effort reporting subject matter experts from GCA, MAA, and RAA, and other stakeholders, make recommendations regarding system requirements and maintenance.