Information Management

Electronic Faculty Effort and Cost Sharing (eFECS)

What is eFECS?

eFECS is a multi-phase effort to automate and improve the faculty effort and cost share reporting process at the University of Washington:

Phase 4 (Spring 2013-Fall 2014):

Provide online certification tools to increase compliance and reduce time spent by faculty and staff on effort reporting and cost share as follows: Goals:
  • Mitigate compliance risk related to potential double counting of transactions intended to meet Non FEC Cost Shared commitments.
  • Reduce Non FEC Cost Share Actual certification process cycle time by 20% with online faculty certification and transaction tagging saving the University approximately $55,500 annually. Provide improvement for 50 units across campus with Non FEC cost share liability on 2012 active budgets between $500 and $2 Million for a total of over $100 Million.
  • Increase GCCR compliance by 20% based on 2011 internal audit with online certification and tracking saving approximately $150,000 annually.
  • Reduce FEC Recertification process time by 30% and potential errors with online recertification and having data in a single source saving units approximately $15,000 annually.
Key Success Factors:
  1. Design a seamless user experience for faculty and staff users across eFECS Online Certification and MyFD transactions.
  2. Utilize UW enterprise approach for system integration with MyFD.

eFECS Non FEC Cost Share Processes

Phase 3: eFECS Online certification

Scheduled for launch in 2012, this project phase moves the paper-based FEC process online. Faculty will login to the web application and certify their effort reports within the electronic system. Effort reports will be considered complete once the Faculty certifies. Management Accounting and Analysis will be review trends in the effort report data to assess compliance and identify training opportunities. New enterprise reports will be available to departments to assist in their reviews of the effort reports. Central notifications will be sent to FEC Coordinators and Faculty during each FEC Cycle announcing availability of the effort reports. Cost share adjustments and comments will also be managed within the electronic system. Pilot testing of the new system and process is scheduled during Fall 2011.

Phase 2: eFECS Online FEC - Launched to South Campus Units!

The new web-based FEC system allows Administrators, FEC Coordinators and Faculty to view and print FEC reports online. Initially launched to academic departments in April, 2010, the July launch to South Campus units marks the completion of phase II. With the inclusion of integrated salary transfers, cost share commitments and system calculated Salary Cap, campus users are reporting time savings in processing and reviewing FECs. Additionally, Management Accounting and Analysis, the central office responsible for effort reporting compliance, has reported a much reduced need for compliance review. Learn more.

Phase 1: eFECS Cost Share Module

Launched in 2009, the Cost Share Module replaced the BGT mainframe as the University of Washington's cost sharing database. Departmental users have access to an easy to read online inquiry screen that enables them to view and track cost sharing commitments. Central office users are able to enter, update and track cost share commitments.