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Tableau Desktop License Request Information

License agreements with Tableau make Tableau products available at reduced or no cost to full-time students, faculty, and staff. This page describes the reduced cost licensing for staff, and faculty who are not teaching using Tableau. A high level overview of Tableau products and pricing is available on the Get Tableau tab of the Tableau page. Get more answers at the Tableau FAQ page.

Tableau Desktop License Cost Structure

  • Tableau Desktop License one-time cost: $900.00
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: $44.10

Terms & Conditions

  • Tableau Desktop Licensees agree to the terms of the UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information Access and Use Agreement
  • The budget number provided during the time of purchase will be directly billed on monthly basis
  • Once the billing account is provisioned, purchase and budget information will be available for review at
  • Purchased license is assigned to a UW NetID individual - that person is the sole user of the Tableau Desktop license. The license can be transferred to another user.
  • Purchasing unit/department can cancel automatic billing one year after the purchase date
    • Canceling support and maintenance will prevent the user from publishing to the server
    • Receive free support and maintenance from Tableau support

Processing Time

Expect to receive your license within 2-4 business days, provided all necessary information is supplied when submitting your request.

Submit Your License Request

  • Review the UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information Access and Use Agreement.
    By submitting your license request, you are agreeing to these terms.
  • Gather the following information
    • Name, phone number, and UW NetID of the licensee (person to whom the license will be assigned)
    • Budget number
    • Budget option code (optional)
    • Name, phone number, and UW NetID of the person to contact for budget information
  • Complete and submit the Tableau Desktop License Request form. Submit one form per license.
Tableau Desktop license request form

What Happens Next

  • UW's Request Tracking (RT) system sends a generic confirmation email to the person who submitted the request.
  • Within 2-4 business days the licensee will receive a confirmation email that includes:
    • Your billing information
    • Your Tableau Desktop License Key
    • A link to Tableau resources
    • Contact information for Tableau and the Enterprise Data & Analytics team
  • The licensee is added to the Tableau User Group site and receives membership and participation information.