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Visualizing Data Using Tableau

Tableau is more dynamic. You simply try a chart and if you want to change the data or chart type, you just click one button and you see the results in real time.

-- UW-IT staff

On dashboards, the ability to quickly iterate through different filters and explore is fantastic.

-- Finance & Facilities staff

Tableau has many amazing capabilities and would give UW users a great platform to share data.

-- Graduate School staff

I think Tableau will have a great potential for providing visualizations to my managers and funders of my program.

-- Health Sciences staff

I look forward to the spread of Tableau throughout UW.

-- Medical School staff

These dashboards are now reviewed by all managers in external affairs and used at high-level meetings with the university president and other executives.

-- UWTV staff

We use Tableau visualizations to make weekly business decisions and communicate recommendations and changes to faculty effort.

-- Medical School staff

The data visualization helped us realize where we were under-investing in training and made corrections.

-- UW-IT staff

Tableau could provide profound benefits to the Graduate School and the UW by providing the catalyst to "free" the data.

-- Graduate School staff

We'd use Tableau it to monitor and mine our operational logging for a variety metrics and alarms. We'd also use it to explore new data prior to building it out.

-- UW-IT staff

Tableau Software is the data visualization platform chosen for use with UW Enterprise Data Warehouse data, following a multi-month pilot in partnership with 20 academic and administrative units. Tableau is used to visualize large data sets and helps simplify their meaning, promote understanding of those data sets, and communicate important concepts and ideas. Valuable information is stored in the University of Washington’s growing data repositories and data visualization software is used to clearly convey that information using images, providing opportunities for understanding that data and for data-informed decision-making.

Tableau products are available at no cost, or a reduced rate for full-time students, faculty, and staff. Find out more below under the Get Tableau tab and at the Tableau FAQ page.

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Interact With Tableau

Access UW Tableau Data Visualizations

Request access to UW Profiles data visualizations or manage your Tableau projects here.

Test Drive Visualizations

Test drive Tableau using the interactive visualizations below. Visit Tableau's Viz Gallery to interact with more examples.

U.S. High School Graduate Populations: 1991-2021

Select a region or ethnicity, move the Year slider, or click on the colors in the chart and watch the visualization update on the fly.


Major League Baseball
Ken Griffey Jr. vs. Other Power Hitters

Ken Griffey Jr's illustrious 21-year career began and concluded with the Seattle Mariners. Use this visualization to compare his batting stats to other current and retired power hitters. Use the checkboxes to select players and use the Category dropdown to pick a statistic. Sort results down a column by hovering to the right of the player name, then click on the sort icon (tiny bar chart with arrow). Sort results across a row by hovering over the season number, then click on that same sort icon. Click it three times to sort in ascending, descending and then back to the original sort order.

Tour Tableau

These 4 short videos describe what you can do with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, and how DePaul University and University of California, Irvine are putting Tableau to use in their institutions.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop lets you drag & drop to analyze data. You can connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive dashboards with a few more.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server provides browser-based analytics anyone can use. Once you’ve created a visualization using Tableau Desktop, publish it to Tableau Server to share with colleagues so they can interact with what you’ve created.

DePaul University

DePaul’s associate vice provost shares how Tableau is helping the university advance the “democratization of data.”

UC Irvine

University of California, Irvine’s informatics solutions architect shares how the medical center uses Tableau to understand best practices and orchestrate the best quality healthcare for patients.

Access & Manage UW Tableau Data Visualizations

Request access to UW Profiles data visualizations and manage your Tableau projects (Tableau publishers only) here.

Tableau Licensing Information

License agreements with Tableau make Tableau products available at reduced or no cost to full-time students, faculty, and staff. The table below describes the various cost structures. Get more answers at the Tableau FAQ page

You Activity Tableau Product License Cost Obtain Software
Full-time Student Build visualizations Tableau Desktop Free via the Tableau for Students program Visit the Tableau for Students website to download
Publish visualizations for sharing Tableau Public Free Visit the Tableau Public website
Faculty using Tableau to teach
(see requirements)
Build visualizations Tableau Desktop Free via Tableau for Teaching program Visit the Tableau for Teaching website to download
Publish visualizations for sharing Tableau Public Free Visit the Tableau Public website
All other Faculty

Interact with visualizations Tableau Server Free Interact with visualizations through your browser


Users must have access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse and to the UW Tableau Server. Send questions to
Build visualizations Tableau Desktop License Cost: $900

Monthly Maintenance Fee: $44.10

Includes Tableau support, software upgrades, online publishing to UW's Tableau Server


Publish visualizations for sharing Tableau Server Free
Included with purchase of Tableau Desktop and annual renewal fee
Included with purchase of Tableau Desktop and annual renewal fee

Learning Resources

No matter how you learn, everything you need to master Tableau is available here. You can access as many Live Webinars, On-Demand videos and visual examples as you want for free. UW offers free classroom options as well.

Visual Gallery -
Beauty and Brains
Free Live and
On-Demand Training
Classroom Training
UW Tableau Community

Tableau's Visual Gallery shows thirty of the most beautiful, powerful and interesting Tableau visualizations ever created.

Get inspired

Quick Start
Averaging 30 minutes a day, Tableau's Desktop Starter Kit is a 4 week guide to success.

Full Online Catalog
Learn online with On-Demand videos, or sign up for an instructor led Live Training webinar.

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Build Visualizations
Interact with Visualizations
  • In this guided tour of UW Profiles dashboards, you and your department learn how to interact with these powerful, easy-to-use visualizations to build your understanding of the University. Request a session.

Learn from, connect with, and enjoy your fellow UW Tableau users at our online Tableau User Group site.

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Tableau Rollout Schedule

The Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server for administrative and academic units roll out is based on the following schedule.

September 2013
  • Tableau Desktop licenses available
October 2013
November 2013
December 2013
  • Tableau Pilot server upgraded to Tableau 8.1
January 2014 (beginning)
  • Transitional instance of Tableau Server is available to campus for publishing visualizations using EDW data
  • Upgrade of Transitional and Enterprise Tableau Servers to version 8.1.1 is complete
  • Support for 'R' statistical software
  • Refresh of UW Profiles with Winter 2014 data
  • UW Tableau User Group kickoff – January 7th
January 2014 (mid-end)
  • Enterprise instance of Tableau Server available to campus for publishing visualizations using EDW data
February 2014
  • Begin offering Tableau Server Publishing classes
  • Begin offering Tableau Desktop classes
  • Begin offering "What Tableau can do for me" classes
March 2014
  • Support for publishing visualizations that use non-EDW data on Transitional and Enterprise Servers