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Security Metadata Administration Tool (for Data Custodians)

As described in the About Data Security page, Data Custodians are responsible for applying the data security rules defined in the Security Access and Roles Matrix (Matrix).  These rules are also metadata about security.

The Security Metadata Administration Tool (SMAT) lets you (the Data Custodian) manage access to Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data in accordance with UW data security policy.  While this tool is available to Data Custodians only, anyone with access to the central report server can see the security settings applied to all EDW tables and columns available for querying and reporting, for every role described in the Matrix. For more information, see Current Data Security Settings.

To access the SMAT application, go to

The SMAT User Guide provides easy-to-follow instructions for applying the Security Access and Roles Matrix security requirements.  Before you start using the SMAT, remember:

  • Only Data Custodians can use the SMAT.
  • You must use Internet Explorer(8.0 and under) with the SMAT. Other browsers are not supported.
  • As a Data Custodian, you are expected to understand the data access business rules in your subject area and are responsible for applying those rules correctly.
  • SMAT administrators (Enterprise Data & Analytics [EDA] business analysts) approve submitted security documents and are responsible for confirming that the SMAT application has been used correctly.
  • Report technical issues and send notification when submitted tables are ready for approval to