Decision Support

List of Servers, Data Sources and Descriptions

This page provides a list of the Data Warehouse servers, data sources, and a description of the content available to authorized users.

The Warehouse tier (in yellow) is for ad hoc querying and is not designed for performance queries or reports.


Data Sources

Data Source Description

Production Data\sql02

Test Data\pres

(via views with sec schema)


Integrated financial, research, and academic data designed for easy queries and analysis, with certified definitions and documented business rules.


Daily accumulation of FAS transaction data, budget index, etc.


Archive (from the ODS) of one year payroll check register detail, and gross pay control totals used for verification.


General ledger data mart. GL transactions including payroll cash detail and use tax detail for the current biennium and prior three biennia

Production Data\ods

Test Data\oper

(via views with sec schema)


Daily snapshot of data generated from online faculty effort certification

ODS Daily snapshot of human resources and finance operational data.
RAD Daily snapshot of Research-Administrative data related to research activities


Daily snapshot of UWSDB including additional lookup tables

Production Data

Test Data\integ

(via views with sec schema)


UW employee and payment history detail from 1982 to the present.