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Self-management of Tableau Groups enabled
Tableau Project owners can now self-manage membership
Learn more... (10/22/2014)

EDW Data has Moved
The Enterprise Data Warehouse data and cubes moved on August 11, 2014
Learn more... (08/11/2014)

EDW's Academic Data Store (UWSDBDataStore) Reorg on Aug 9
UWSDBDataStore, will be reorganized as a result of the mainframe Student Data Base (SDB) reorg.
Learn more... (07/15/2014)

BI Portal Now Includes Visualizations
BI Portal now positioned to be your one stop business intelligence catalog
Learn more... (6/27/2014)

Tableau for Macs released
Tableau now available for Macs
Learn more... (6/23/2014)

UW featured in Wall Street Journal
UW's selection of Tableau reported in the Wall Street Journal
Learn more... (6/12/2014)

EDW's Academic Data Store (UWSDBDataStore) Reorg on May 3
UWSDBDataStore, will be reorganized as a result of the mainframe Student Data Base (SDB) reorg.
Learn more... (04/15/2014)

New STEM and High Demand Data Available
New data helps UW track and deliver STEM and high demand programs
Learn more... (03/28/2014)

EDW's Academic Data Store (UWSDBDataStore) Reorg on Feb 1
UWSDBDataStore, will be reorganized as a result of the mainframe Student Data Base (SDB) reorg.
Learn more... (01/22/2014)

EDA Staffers Presenting at Tableau Conference
Tableau's Speaker Spotlight features Ann Wunderlin and Bart Pietrzak
Learn more... (1/9/2014)

Other Recent Headlines

The Decision Support Web site provides a single point of access to information for users and developers of Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data and tools. It addresses questions about access, database connections, report writing and deployment, query writing, available data, and more. Here you will find answers, with self-service access to a centralized set of data and tools, standards and best practices, to help ensure consistent use of institutional data across multiple functional areas and units.

EDW Tech RefreshEDW Data has Moved

On August 11, 2014, the Enterprise Data Warehouse data and cubes moved onto more powerful hardware and updated software, and relocated to the NetID domain. This move to the new hardware and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 platform means:

  • Queries to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) are faster and simpler
  • Users now connect to upgraded SQL databases with new SQL tools
  • A single server location for all EDW data eliminates the need for cross-server joins
  • Geographical redundancy of critical data provides business continuity and disaster preparedness

More information is available in the EDW Tech Refresh FAQ.

The EDW technology refresh is part of a wider effort to simplify infrastructure management for UW-IT, as all data and Web servers move into the UW NetID domain. These ongoing enhancements reflect UW-IT’s goal to provide access to excellent infrastructure for the University, as outlined in UW-IT’s 2014 Strategic Investment Plan.

Tableau Data Visualization

Tableau Software is the data visualization platform chosen for use with UW Enterprise Data Warehouse data, following a multi-month pilot in partnership with 20 academic and administrative units. Tableau is used to visualize large data sets and helps simplify their meaning, promote understanding of those data sets, and communicate important concepts and ideas. Valuable information is stored in the University of Washington's growing data repositories and data visualization software is used to clearly convey that information using images, providing opportunities for understanding that data and for data-informed decision-making.

Learn more about Tableau at UW

UW Profiles

The Office of Planning and Budgeting and UW Information Technology's Enterprise Data & Analytics worked together to create UW Profiles. Powered by Tableau data visualization software, UW Profiles is a suite of institutional dashboards which provide a dynamic way to easily access, explore and understand basic University data. Access the UW Profiles dashboards through the UW Profiles Portal, the searchable, personalized catalog of dashboards offerings and documentation.

Learn more about UW Profiles

UW Business Intelligence Portal


Visit the feature-packed Business Intelligence (BI) Portal to get connected to to all UW Enterprise Data Warehouse central reports and analytics.


Star your favorites, see what's trending, get report recommendations, stay abreast of new releases, see the underlying SQL queries, peruse data definitions, read how others are using reports, add your feedback, and more. This guided tour shows you how.

(UW NetID required)

Data Availability Summary

The following chart shows when data was last loaded, how frequently the data is loaded (Load Freq), displayed by Subject Area and Data Component.

EDW Data Availability
Subject Area Data Component Load Freq Last Loaded
Academics Academic Data Store daily 12/22/14 5:09AM
Financial Budget Index daily 12/20/14 10:21PM
GL transactions daily 12/19/14 8:58PM
Financial transactions daily 12/20/14 6:11AM
Financial Activity cube daily 12/19/14 9:27PM
Human Resources Person, Employment, Financial (Projected Distributions) daily 12/19/14 1:37AM
Payment (Actual Distributions), Benefits, Faculty Bio pay calc 12/19/14 1:37AM
Check Register (Payment Verification) pay calc 12/18/14 9:36PM
Institutional Base Salary IBS Projected/Pre-Award daily 12/21/14 12:01AM
IBS UW Actual & Projected pay calc 12/18/14 11:41PM
IBS Actual monthly (day 5) 12/05/14 12:31AM
Master Data Organization daily 12/20/14 10:21PM
Research Administration Data Proposals & Awards daily 12/22/14 4:06AM
Research Awards Cube daily 12/22/14 4:45AM