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About Decision Support

Discovery is at the heart of our university and the discipline of Decision Support exists to facilitate that mission of discovery. Decision Support systems are computer-based information systems that support decision-making activities.

Enterprise Data & Analytics (EDA) is UW's team that supports that computer-based information system, also known as the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Our primary goal is to help the university work smarter and learn answers to strategic and operational questions.

We combine data from around the university into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), the university's major source of institutional data. From this data, helpful reports and meaningful analytics are created that allow the discovery of trends and uncovering of patterns - trends and patterns upon which informed operational and strategic decisions can be made. In addition, we provide data access, support staff report and visualization development as well as the university's reporting environment, and provide data and tool education and training.

EDA is part of Information Management, inside of UW Information Technology (UW-IT). Beyond the University, EDA is a leader in applying business intelligence and data warehousing best practices within an academic environment and we regularly participate in Higher Education Data Warehousing (HEDW) and Educause events.

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Enterprise Data & Analytics Team

Organization Structure

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The EDA team organizes itself according to disciplines within data warehousing: data design, technical design, and Business Intelligence. In addition, our group includes metadata management, testing/QA and education & communication.

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Employment Opportunities

When we are actively recruiting, you'll see links to open positions listed below. And we always have an eye out for the right people to join our team - if you believe you are a good fit please contact us.

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