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Current Data Security Settings

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data is secured as described on the About Data Security page. The Security Access and Roles Matrix describes security settings for categories of data.  Data Custodians are responsible for applying these settings to individual tables and columns of data for each of the roles identified in the Matrix.  You can see the settings for every table and column in the EDW that is available for querying and reporting.

To view current data security settings,run the report on the central server called DAC-Secured_TablesViewsColumns

Figure 1 describes how to interpret report results:


  • Table Unrestricted to All Users
    • If the value equals Y (Yes), the table and all its columns are available to all roles listed in the purple heading section of the report
    • In Figure 1, this value equals N (No).  This means that some data in this table is restricted for some roles
  • Role Has Access To Table
    • A Y value means that role has permission to see this table, but may or may not have permission to see specific columns of data, depending on the Restricted Column setting
    • A N value means that role does not have permission to see any columns in the table
  • Restricted Column
    • A Y value means the individual column contains restricted data.  This column’s data is available to the roles that contain a Y value in the intersection of the column name and role name.
    • An  N value means the column does not contain restricted data and is available to any role that contains a Y value in the intersection of the column name and role name.