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Data Trustees and Custodians

Data Trustees are defined as institutional officers, (i.e. Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Chancellors, etc.) who are appointed by the President or Provost, and have authority over policies and procedures regarding business definitions of data, and the access and usage of that data, within their delegations of authority. Each Data Trustee appoints Data Custodians for their specific Subject Area Domains.

Data Custodians are defined as individuals assigned by and accountable to the Data Trustees. Data Custodians help define, implement, and enforce data management policies and procedures within their specific Subject Area and Business Domains, as defined in the UW Data Map. The Data Map provides a description of each business domain, the business processes handled by that business domain, and who the Data Custodian and Data Trustee is for each business area.

Data Custodians perform several key data management functions including:

  • Identifying Systems of Record containing Institutional Data
  • Categorizing Institutional Data within Systems of Record according to security and privacy guidelines
  • Defining access, quality and usage guidelines for Institutional Data
  • Reviewing and approving requests for access to Institutional Data
  • Documenting and maintaining Institutional Metadata
  • Educating and sharing best practices with other data management personnel

The UW Data Management Policy Statement (December 2010) outlines the roles and responsibilities of Data Custodians and Data Trustees.

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