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Converting a Report’s data source & queries

Changing the RDL to use ‘sec’ views from DAC views

These steps should be performed in BIDS.  Unless otherwise indicated, the instructions apply to both BIDS 2005 and 2008.

Backup your files

  • As per the DSS Reporting MOU, make sure all of your report RDL files are backed up before beginning this conversion process.

Prepare your report project

  • Open the BIDS report project that contains the reports to be converted
  • Create the necessary Shared Data Sources using the “real” databases, not the DAC, that your reports use.  Data sources must be named the same as the database they refer to.

Edit the report’s datasets

  • quick replaceOpen the report and make note of the DAC view name prefixes it uses (e.g. ODS_dbo.vw or DAC.ODS_dbo.vw)
  • Close the report (not BIDS)
  • Right-click the report and select View Code.  If you get an Inconsistent Line Endings dialog box, click Yes.  What appears is the XML source code for the report.
  • Press Ctrl+H to bring up the Find and Replace dialog.
  • For each DAC prefix that was noted (step 4 above)
  • enter it into the “Find what” field
  • enter “sec.” without the quotes, into the “Replace with” field
  • make sure that in the Find Options only the “Search hidden text” box is checked
  • click Replace All
  • Save and close the report code.



BIDS 2005 Only (see 2008 below) - Change the report’s datasets to use new shared data sources

  • Open the report in the designer (not code view)
  • On the Dataset tab, edit each dataset (click the ellipse …) and in the Data Source list choose the appropriate non-DAC shared data source created in step 3 above.   Click OK to save your data source change.


  • Save and close the report.


BIDS 2008 Only - Change the report’s datasets to use new shared data sources

Note:  It is possible to access more than 1 backend database from a single DAC data source.  If you have this situation in one of your reports the next set of instructions will not address all of your changes.  Please contact for further instructions.

  • Open the report up in the designer (not code view)
  • In the Report Data pane, right-click the DAC data source(s) and select Data Source Properties to edit its details, changing the Name and which shared data source to use (from step 3 above).


  • Save and close the report.

Remove old DAC data sources from the report project

  • Remove the old DAC shared data sources from your BIDS project once you’ve converted all reports in the project.