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Check My EDW Access

Not sure if you have access to Enterprise Data Warehouse data and tools? Or want to find out what kind of access you have? Any UW employee can use ASTRA to view their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) access.

  1. Login to ASTRA using your UW Net ID and password.
  2. Click on "Show Me My Authorizations".
  3. ASTRA will display a list of authorizations: 

Check ASTRA authorization

  1. Look under the Application column - you have access to Enterprise Data Warehouse data, reports, cubes, and visualizations if you see EDW listed. The data you can access is governed by the Role to which you have been assigned. In the example above, the user has been assigned to the EDW Administrator Role.  Note: you may have been granted access to more than one Role.
  2. If you need to request new or different access to EDW, visit the Request Access page.

For more information on EDW security visit the About Data Security page. For more information on the data to which you have access via your Role, see the Security Access and Roles Matrix.