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The Report Catalog available on this page is the original tool designed to help you search for and learn more about Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) reports. The Report Catalog contains some search functionality not yet in the Business Intelligence Portal, while the Portal contains all new ways of learning about reports and analytics. Visit the BI Portal to see the new face of report and analytics exploration at UW. Or jump down to the Finding and Running Reports Using the Report Catalog section of this page to learn more about how to use the Report Catalog.

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Finding and Running Reports Using the Report Catalog

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Faculty Appointments by Appointment Term ( AP1005 )

This report provides a list of Faculty Appointments by Appointment Term. Results may be limited by Home Department Organization and/or Appointing Department Organization. Faculty appointments with terms that are less than 9 months may be managed by the departments; this report is useful in determining those individuals that are inactive and may need further action. Faculty Appointments with appointment terms that are not 9 or 12 months may be problematic; this report can aid this review.

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Faculty On Leave ( AP1007 )

As of Selected Date

Produces as list of faculty appointments and distributions that are active on the specified that and that have a “leave” earn type. Records are as they currently exist in HEPPS/OPUS. Results may be limited by Home Department Organization and/or Appointing Department Organization.

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FAS Batch Summary Report ( FIN1024 )

This report displays rejected and accepted transaction information for a given Originating Area Code (OAC) for a selected time period. A complete listing of OAC's is available in the MyFD Glossary. Please note that Rejected GL transactions are reflected in this report while Accepted GL Transactions are not.

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Federal Withholding Exempt Employees ( PAYR1017 )

This is a list of employees who are exempt from Federal Withholding Taxes. They may be Foreign Nationals or Deceased Employees.

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Fiscal Year Income and Expense Summary Report Menu ( FIN1069 )

These reports display budgeted and actual amounts through the selected reporting period for the selected fiscal year.

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Forecasting Template by Fiscal Year and OrgCode ( FIN1052 )

This report template displays budgeted and actual amounts through the selected reporting period for both fiscal years of a biennium for all budgets within the selected orgcodes and budget categories. To use this report as a forecasting template, choose “XML file with report data” from the Export dialog above – the report will then open in an Excel spreadsheet with additional columns added to accommodate data entry of local encumbrances/receivables that are not reflected in FIN and forecasting summarization. From the Calculation Options menu select “System Encumbrances” to display system encumbered Salary/Ops expenditures or select “Straight Line Projection” to display straight line projected Salary/Ops expenditures. Expenses and encumbrances and projected expenses are shown as negative amounts, budgeted amounts, revenue and projected revenue are shown as positive amounts.

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Formatted Employee Download ( PAYR1008 )

The file contains university-wide appointments and distributions, formatted one employee per page. If there are multiple distributions, the appointment data is repeated. You can filter your selection by college, home department, appointing department as well as select one or more employment types, pay rate codes and job classes.

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Fund Group 70 Agency Funds ( FIN1078 )

This report provides balances for budget numbers in Agency Funds with summarization by Program Type and Fund. To export the data to Excel, use the "XML file with report data" export option. Locate the file and choose "Open with" Excel. While the report does not show organization code, the exported data includes it for each Budget Number so that funds held or owed can be quantified by org code as needed in Excel.

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General Faculty Mailing List ( HR1008 )

General Faculty Mailing List for mailing services. This report displays mailing list information for addressing mailings to this population.

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GFLE Mailing List ( HR1001 )

General Faculty + Emeritus Mailing List for mailing services. This report displays mailing list information for addressing mailings to this population.

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Gift Balance Detail by Budget List ( FIN1076 )

This report displays gift budget activity for selected spending restrictions and budget prefixes for a single budget or for a list of budgets via a MyFinancialDesktop Static Budget List. Please note that the endowment fund purpose shown for endowment funded operating budgets is a summary; the endowment’s governing documents should be consulted to determine appropriate expenditures. Gift budgets listed as “not in Advance” may be sub-budgets, internal accounts, or start-up funds that do not receive direct gift or endowment income.

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Gift Balance Detail by Spending Restriction and OrgCode ( FIN1057 )

This report displays Gift budget level activity for selected spending restriction / budget prefixes by Org Department for the user selected time period and Organization structure.

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Gift Balance Summary by Spending Restriction ( FIN1056 )

This report summarizes gift balances for a user selected time period for chosen Gift spending restrictions (indentified by budget prefix).

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GL Summary Report ( GL1026 )

Displays the GL Beginning Balance Amounts, Debit Amounts, Credit Amounts and Ending Balance amounts for the selected GL Accounts and Fund Codes for the selected a reporting period.

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Grant and Contract Budget Status Report ( FIN1073 )

This report is provided to assist departments in managing Grant and Contract budgets by allowing them to group the results by Principal Investigator (PI), organization, or days until grant close. Results show remaining balances, percent expended, and percent of budget period expended.

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Grant and Contract Certification Report ( FIN1008 )

This report is to certify that the work performed and that the salary distribution detailed herein is a reasonable reflection of effort for the specified reporting period and project(s). ***** ATTENTION ***** - Effective April 1, 2013 access to the Grant & Contract Certification reports (GCCRs) will only be available through the ASTRA “Grant Generator” role. UWIT will perform a bulk upload of UWNET IDs to establish this role for those presently accessing this report through alternative means. This change will ensure all GCCR Generators will receive critical communications concerning GCCRs. Please direct any questions you may have to Michael Anthony, Management Accounting & Analysis.

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Grant and Contract Deficit Report ( FIN1060 )

This report is provided to assist departments in managing Grant and Contract budgets in compliance with the University of Washington Deficit Policy. A budgets is determined to be in deficit when the Total Transactions exceeds the Budgeted Amount. The unit responsible for the budget is expected to take timely action to clear the deficit. The report is to be reviewed no less than once per quarter. For questions about this report, please contact the GCA compliance area. For questions about individual budgets, please contact your GCA Team.

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Grant and Gift Budgets Unassigned to Space ( MSTR1016 )

This report displays a list of budget numbers that are not associated with a room in the GeoSIMS application. Budget type classes 0534,0545,0552, and 0557 are excluded by default because departments are not required to assign space for budgets in these type classes.  The list is by home department OrgCode.  For a home department with budget activity, the aim is to identify the space that the activity occurs in and then update the room profile in GeoSIMS with the budget number. The list of budgets on this report will decrease as GeoSIMS is updated.

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GTN_Detail ( PAYR1012 )

By Pay Period

This report allows Central Payroll to detailed data about a specific deduction or contribution over a specified range of dates.

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Hepps Payroll and GL Payroll Cash Account ( FIN1041 )

Reconciliation Data Mart

This is a menu page for reports going to "GL 1160 and payroll activity reconciling" or "GL summaries". The link “Hepps Payroll Monthly Summaries and Reconciliation” goes to reports that compare the monthly summaries of GL account 1160 and Hepps payroll summaries. The link "GL Payroll Cash Account Biennium Summary and Details" goes to reports that are summaries of the GL account 1160 by fund, transaction code, as well as other grouping categories.

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Historical Online Check Register ( PAYR1002 )

This report provides historical check register detail in paycycle increment views. This report retains 24 paycycles.

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How Many Credit Hours Are Being Taught ( ACAD1005 )

By Funding Source

Displays a graph of total credit hours taught by quarter by college for the last ten years. Useful for trend analysis. Required parameters are quarter and college.

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How Many Degrees Have I Granted ( ACAD1016 )

by College and Degree Level

Displays a graph of the count of degrees granted within a College or School for the past ten years.. Useful for trend analysis in graduation rates. Required parameter is College.

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How Many Students at the University ( ACAD1003 )

Displays a graph of the unduplicated headcount of students at the University of Washington (all campuses) as of Census Day for a specified quarter for the past ten years. Excluded from these counts are foreign study students, on leave students, and students who register for the first time after Census Day. Useful for trend analysis. Required parameter is quarter

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