Decision Support

Request Access to Publish Reports

Authorized report developers may create and publish reports to the central report server. Report developers must first review the Reporting Environment Memo of Understanding to understand the report lifecycle and deployment process prior to requesting this access and developing any reports for the central report server.

Authorization to publish reports allows the report developer to:

  • Promote reports to the development server
  • Add/edit entries in the Report Metadata database

The permission described below is in addition to the permission granted to users to view central reports and query Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data.  You must have both to publish a report. You can request query/report viewing permission here.

Request Report Publishing Access

To request report publishing access, send an email to, and provide:

  • Your UWNetID
  • Your Nebula ID, if you have one

Per C-1 of the Reporting Environment Memo of Understanding, DSS attempts to respond to reporting environment access requests within 1 business day of receipt of that request.