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How to create a new shared data source connection and add a dataset in BIDS 2008

  1. Add New Data Source by right clicking on Shared Data Sources at Solution Explorer.

create new data source

  1. Enter database name (eg: ODS, UWSDBDataSore, HumanResources, FRDataMart or etc). Edit the Connection String based on data source.

connection options

  1. Go to the Report Data window. Right mouse click and select "Add Dataset".

add dataset

  1. Name dataset, in this case we named it "UWCalendarDate".
  2. Connect dataset with data source you have just created by clicking on the "New" button.

create query

  1. Name the data connection the same.
  2. Select "Use shared data source reference" radio button.
  3. Select the data source you have just created. Click OK.

select source

  1. Enter the SQL query for the data source you have just created in the Query section. Click OK.

select source

Below are the results from the exercise. Please note the NEW data source connection "ODS" at the Report Data Browser and Solution Explorer Browser. Also note the NEW dataset for "UWCalendarDate" under the Report Data Browser.

report data solution explorer