External Review of the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Decision Support Services Programs

UW-IT Leadership sponsored an external review of the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Decision Support Services programs at the UW. The main goal of the review was to conduct a comprehensive, impartial, and candid assessment of our current architecture, processes, and plans and then make recommendations to help us deliver and improve upon these key strategic assets of the university. Two industry experts, Laura Reeves and Brian Palmer, from CONNECT the Knowledge Network, were engaged and conducted an assessment in the summer of 2010. Below are links to their detailed report as well as a summary of key findings and recommendations.

Next steps and actions resulting from this assessment have NOT been finalized. A draft of the consolidated list of preliminary recommendations along with possible actions identified by UW-IT can be seen here.

Further meetings for soliciting comments and feedback on this report are under way. In the mean time, feel free to send general comments and suggestions about this report to dmc-support@uw.edu.

UT IT Leadership and the Data Management Committee wish to extend a big Thank You to the 50 plus UW individuals who were interviewed and participated in this assessment. Also, a special thanks to the several people from peer institutions that provided input into their operations for comparison. A full list of individuals is found in the introductory section of the report.