Top 5 Questions: Background

In April of 2007 the Data Management Committee created the Top 5 project and formed an advisory group of Deans and Chancellors for direction and priorities. The initial project members drafted a list of potential questions and presented to the Deans’ and Chancellors’ Advisory Group. The Deans’ and Chancellors’ Advisory Group picked their "Top 5" questions.

  • What is my student headcount by major?
  • What are my student credit hours?
  • What is my Faculty headcount by appointment type?
  • What is my Faculty FTE by appointment type?
  • What are the financial resources for a school, college, or campus at a point in time for a given fiscal period and by funding source?

Over the next year, three task teams - Student, Faculty, and Finance - delved into the complexities surrounding each question. As a result of their investigations, they identified issues that needed to be addressed, decisions that needed to be made, reports that needed to be created, and terminology that needed to be defined for the Institution. An executive summary of the initial effort is available here. More detailed information on the original effort also is available:

Top 5 Progress

Student Area

Faculty Area

Finance Area