Information Management

28 November 2006

TO: Deans, Directors & Chairs
FROM: Provost Phyllis Wise and Vice President Ron Johnson

Dear Colleagues,

We are partnering on some major changes in information systems and information management at the UW. These changes are rooted in the considerable input and discussion that has been devoted to these issues over the past year including the 'IS Futures Task Force' process, C&C's recent internal strategic planning and restructuring efforts, as well as input from numerous other groups. They are as well being undertaken in light the significant reorganizations that have taken place at the University and the important opportunities they present, as well as pressing imperatives to better address growing needs for information for both the strategic directions and daily operations of the University.

We are delighted to announce the creation of a new position in 'information management' at the University of Washington: Vice Provost for Information Management and Chief Information Officer (VP-IM/CIO). We are very happy to report that Sara Gomez, currently executive director of administrative information systems in Computing and Communications, has accepted on an interim basis this new position heading what will be called the "Office of Information Management" (OIM).

The VP-IM/CIO will direct information management and information systems throughout the UW, providing leadership in both development and management of systems and applications. The position reports primarily to the Provost, who has the requisite ability to strongly influence priorities and resources broadly across the University. The VP-IM/CIO also reports to the Vice President for Computing and Communications on all technology matters, and will play a key role on both the Provost's and Vice President C&C's leadership teams.

Within the Provost's Office, all information systems teams will have dual reporting, to the VP-IM/CIO and their own vice provost. Within C&C, the administrative information systems and data warehouse teams will report to the new position.

We are particularly excited about the collaboration among our units and throughout the UW that will be fostered by this new office, organization structure and leader, and we hope our enthusiasm for this approach will be contagious. Here, the Deans have already agreed that their college and school-level information management and information systems staff and projects will have a dual reporting relationship with the VP-IM/CIO to facilitate effective coordination on administrative and management information systems efforts and full participation in the UW's information management initiatives.

The Office of Strategic Initiatives (USER Project), currently in the EVP's Office, will be moved into OIM and report to the VP-IM/CIO.

With Executive Vice President Weldon Ihrig's forthcoming retirement, and need to quickly pursue administrative and management information systems and information management as sustained, high priority university-wide initiatives, President Emmert has tapped Vice President V'Ella Warren to Chair the I-TAC as of January 1, 2007. The I-TAC will be renamed "Information Management Advisory Council" (IMAC) to reflect the importance of an information management focus in our approach,

More details will be coming to your IM/IS staff.

Phyllis M. Wise
Provost, and Vice President for
Academic Affairs

Ron Johnson
Vice President,
Computing and Communications
cc: President Mark Emmert
Executive Vice President Weldon Ihrig
Vice President & Treasurer V'Ella Warren
Interim Vice Provost Sara Gomez