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The Electronic Faculty Effort & Cost Sharing (eFECS) System replaced the BGT mainframe as the University of Washington's cost sharing database in on February 6, 2009. Log in to the eFECS Cost Share Module.

What's New?

New Information added to the Cost Share Summary Row

New information has been added to the cost share summary row to help departments better track faculty cost share commitments. Learn more.

eFECS Online Help

eFECS Training

View eFECS Training for an introduction to the eFECS Cost Share Module, information on accessing eFECS, and information on using eFECS and managing the cost share process.

Questions & Answers

View the eFECS Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers to some common questions regarding the eFECS application, including getting access to eFECS.

Visit eFECS Tips to read up on tricks that will help you use the eFECS application more effectively.

Learn about Cost Sharing

Review the Effort and Cost Sharing Resources for information on federal guidelines and UW policy.

Contact Help

We strongly urge you to view the training and read the FAQ before contacting help. But if we haven't covered your question already, please send your question to one of these resources:

Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA)

GCA can help you with questions and problems related to cost share complaince and post-award administration.

Management Accounting & Analysis (MAA)

For questions related to effort and cost share by faculty. Contact efecs help at efecshelp@uw.edu.

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

The OSP website contains information on the pre-award process.

eFECS Application Help

For assistance with problems related to the eFECS application itself, please send email to efecs@uw.edu