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Jeff, Business Systems Analyst

jeff-200What the title really means

Improving how we work

The job

As a Business Analyst, I dig through (usually messy) layers of technology, process, history, and assumptions that tend to build up over time and (usually inadvertently) create roadblocks in our day-to-day work. I help colleagues articulate reasons why they need a particular improvement, and translate that into meaningful language for technical and business stakeholders. What it amounts to for me is helping people within UW-IT improve the processes they rely on to do their work. Right now, I’m working with a group of very talented people to design our processes and procedures for Workday support.

A typical day

First off, I usually check my email for anything urgent. If nothing’s burning, I’ll look at my personal Kanban boards to set up my day. And of course, I attend lots of meetings. My favorite days are those where I’m able to carve out enough think time to be able to dig deep into a question and follow it wherever it might take me.

Career tool box essentials

Asking questions and listening, with open ears. Being present and in the moment, enough to know when a so-called “obvious” question is the best thing to ask.

I love the UW because

I hear this said all the time in response to this type of question, but it’s completely true—it’s the people. It’s a real trip to be surrounded by so many genuinely brilliant people, and I get to work with and be inspired by them every day.

Life/work balance, you say?

I’m a musician. I play lead guitar in a band called Bone Cave Ballet. My wife is the songwriter, singer, and rhythm guitarist. I’m also a voice actor in my free time… which is dwindling these days, courtesy of my amazing and energetic 4-month old.

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