UW Information Technology

Financial Systems Modernization

Strategy and Readiness Assessment

A new planning effort is underway to assess the feasibility of replacing the University’s financial systems after the new HR/Payroll system is completed in 2016. This assessment will build upon the work of the previous Financial Systems Needs Assessment (FSNA) effort and will focus on answering preliminary questions to inform decisions about how and when to proceed with replacing the University’s financial systems.

This assessment is being initiated in fall 2014 as part of an overall strategy to continue to modernize the University’s core administrative systems that support our critical business operations, and to leverage the momentum and expertise gained through the HR/Payroll Modernization initiative.

Unlike the HR/Payroll Modernization effort, which looked at a variety of vendors and models, this assessment will focus on the fit, total cost of ownership, and the business case for replacing the University’s aging financial systems with either Kuali or Workday Financials. These two technologies are being implemented to replace the University’s legacy student and HR/payroll systems. Replacing the University’s finance system with either of these solutions will provide a consistent user experience and build on existing staff expertise across our administrative systems.

This assessment will help us to:

  • Understand and prioritize the greatest challenges with our existing financial systems
  • Evaluate the expected benefits of a system replacement
  • Identify the business case and total cost of ownership of new financial systems
  • Assess the University’s readiness to take on a replacement initiative

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