UW Information Technology

Enterprise Information, Integration & Analytics

Provides leadership and support to UW academic and administrative units in delivering institutional data for decision making; is responsible for data integration, metadata management, information design and architecture; manages the enterprise integration platform, the enterprise data warehouse, enterprise web services, business intelligence systems, tools and data management solutions; provides training.

This unit is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership and support for UW academic and administrative units to deliver institutional data for decision-making.
  • Managing the EDW, business intelligence systems and data management solutions that support effective, secure access to and use of institutional data.
  • Developing and providing enterprise business intelligence and analytical tools, data, and training, available through the UW Data & Analytics portal.
  • Partnering with UW data owners to transform raw data into valuable information used to guide strategic decision-making and improve the effectiveness of the University community.


Robert McDade
Email | 206-685-0630
UW Mailbox: 359540