UW Information Technology

Customer Service & Support

Customer Service & Support (CSS) assists UW-IT customers as they discover and use UW-IT services. This division collaborates with UW-IT service owners to deliver a superior experience throughout the lifetime of a customer’s relationship with UW-IT. We capture data to represent customers’ views, identify opportunities for improvements, and represent customer interests to UW-IT leadership. CSS also provides 24x7x365 customer support and system monitoring.

This division is responsible for:

  • Communications Solutions & Relationship Management: Facilitates the delivery of UW-IT’s networking and communication services, focuses on emerging technologies and initiatives, collaborates with customers to find strategic solutions to meet their needs and identifies new initiatives for inclusion in UW-IT’s service offerings.
  • Computer Operations: Provides 24x7x365 monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting on mission critical University-wide administrative, academic and research computing systems.
  • Technology Service Center: The Technology Service Center is the main point of contact for UW-IT services. This unit manages all UW-IT customer inquiries through help@uw.edu and 206-221-5000 help resources.


UW-IT Help
UW-IT Service Center
Email | 206-221-5000

Karalee Woody
Assistant Vice President
Email | 206-543-0682
UW Mailbox: 359533

Myra Nishimura
Executive Assistant to the AVP
Email | 206-543-2133

Cara Giacomini

Senior Research Scientist

Email | 206-616-0291