UW Information Technology

About HRPM


The HRPM Program is the largest administrative effort in the University’s history—impacting over 40,000 employees working across three campuses, medical centers, and off-site facilities.

It includes standardizing our human resources and payroll processes and replacing our 34-year-old legacy payroll system (known as the Higher Education Payroll Personnel System or HEPPS) and its many shadow systems with an integrated cloud-based, software system called Workday.

Our new human resources and payroll system

  • Significantly improves human resource and payroll operations.
  • Strengthens security and compliance.
  • Provides better data for decision making.
  • Reduces duplicative efforts.
  • Ensures the use of up-to-date technology.


People-First Approach

For successful development and implementation, the program uses a people-first, integrated change management approach comprising of:

  • A seven step process that organizes the program’s work into more manageable phases.
  • A network of over 500 people (including readiness teams made up of employees from each unit across the University).
  • An internal website called the Change Network which provides easy access to HRPM Program related information. It’s primarily for readiness teams, but all UW employees can access it.

Your unit’s readiness team lead can answer questions and guide you to additional sources of information.  To find your unit’s readiness team lead, click here.