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Workday is Coming!

UW is on schedule to move from our 35-year old legacy payroll system to Workday in June 2017. Workday is a modern, easy-to-use software based in the cloud, allowing regular updates. Workday has the potential to transform the way we work at the University, making us more efficient, streamlined and employee friendly.

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Getting Ready for Workday

The University has a comprehensive training plan in place that will help everyone use Workday when it launches in June.

In addition, testing continues as we work towards the launch of this new software to ensure that it meets our human resources and payroll needs across the University. The results are very positive, demonstrating the design of our new system is sound.

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logoTwo-Factor Authentication Coming to the UW this Spring

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the best way for the UW to protect our data systems from phishing scams and other methods of identity and data theft. This includes protecting data in Workday, our new human resources and payroll software system.

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