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December 29, 2015

__cloud content__ Top Ten UW IT Cloud Rules

Top Ten UW IT Cloud Computing Rules Of Thumb So you’ve decided to jump into cloud computing: You are tired of dealing with servers, you need the services without hassling with the hardware, you want access to pre-built computing environments that do just what you need… or you need to spin up 3000 cores for…

__cloud content__ Tech and Tools

Cloud Storage: Data storage and access, cost scales with volume and access rate. Elastic Computing: Cloud capability to scale up your allocated resources: Provides you with the compute resources you need on demand, then it evaporates when you are done. Virtual Machine: A fully functional computing environment hosted within a physical machine. The idea of…

December 23, 2015

__cloud content__ Migration

Get Started on Amazon Web Services Visit https://aws.amazon.com/ and dive in!

__cloud content__ Deep Dives

how to get Waaay Doooown There

__cloud content__ Case Studies

  Case Study: Genomics Imputation Timothy Durham is a postdoc in Bill Noble’s Genomics lab. He is imputing information relating human cells to proteins to the human genome. The computation involved is fairly parallel on a per-iteration basis; where generally 50 iterations are required to ‘more or less’ approach a convergence but 350 iterations are…

December 22, 2015

__cloud content__ Community

Cloud computing outside the University of Washington.   Cornell, UCB, Stanford; and on

December 8, 2015

__cloud content__ Data

I have some data… and I’d like to publish it. What should I do? How can I manage secure data in the cloud? How can I share with X How can I receive credit for publishing? How can I leverage other data resources? How can I find them?  

December 3, 2015

__cloud content__ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud Computing Q: What is the cloud? A: Cloud is an umbrella term for separating what you do on computers (compute!) from the physical computer hardware; and this has many implications. Cloud computing is sometimes described as a utility like electricity: A subscriber does not manage power lines (computer hardware); but pays for electricity (computing) on an…