UW Information Technology

Integrated Service Center

Launched during the summer of 2017, the Integrated Service Center (ISC) provides UW employees with Workday, HR, benefits, and payroll transactional support through a comprehensive self-service website, drop-in center, as well as via phone and email. The ISC works collaboratively with many partners (including UW-HR, UW-IT, Academic Personnel, other central business units, University leadership, departments, and administrators) to improve human resource and payroll processes, reduce duplicated efforts, increase efficiency and consistency, provide better data for decision making, and strengthen security and compliance.

The ISC provides University-wide support to general employees as well as those with enhanced security roles. Categories of support include:

  • Administrator support for payroll, benefits and hiring transactions in Workday
  • Guidance and training on how departments can use Workday to maintain work schedules, manage time and absence, and navigate pay periods
  • Support in updating or enrolling in benefits
  • Help with enrollment in, or making changes to, direct deposit To learn more about the ISC and its many services, please visit www.isc.uw.edu