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HR/P Modernization program

The Human Resources/Payroll (HR/P) Modernization program is a multi-year initiative to replace the University of Washington’s 35-year-old legacy payroll system with Workday, a modern, integrated HR/P system. The program is the largest single administrative initiative ever undertaken at the University and the UW’s highest administrative priority.

Benefits of the new system

Workday will transform the University’s HR and payroll operations, significantly improving compliance, reducing risk, providing better data for decision making, and increasing efficiencies across the institution. It will enable people across the University to work more efficiently by having consistent, streamlined and modern HR and payroll practices, as well as user-friendly online resources. Workday also offers modern capabilities that will enable the UW to attract and retain the best people.

This effort marks a major step in a larger effort to transform the UW’s administrative infrastructure to better support the University into the future.

Program structure

The program provides a unified approach that brings together all of the related projects, including:

  • UW Workday
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • HR/P Intersections
  • Office of Academic Personnel
  • UW Medicine
  • School of Medicine
  • Integrated Service Center

In addition, the program’s centralized Program Management Office (PMO) enables both technology and people readiness through coordinated leadership: The PMO manages all of the HR/P projects, as well as the Test and Deploy and Integrated Change Management (ICM) functions. The ICM team, in turn, supports the transition to Workday using a people-first approach designed to help units work effectively with the new system and newly streamlined business processes.

The program structure allows for better oversight across all aspects of the effort, ensuring a unified approach to risk identification, management and mitigation, and better transparency and accountability.

More information

To find out more, please visit the HR/Payroll Modernization program website.


Aubrey Fulmer
Executive Program Director
Email | 206-616-4933