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UW Information Technology


UW-IT Service Areas

UW-IT provides a breadth of services to the University:

IT Infrastructure

  • Data Networks
  • Computing and Storage
  • Telecommunications
  • Regional Networks
  • Data Centers
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Application Development Platform

Administrative Systems

  • HR Payroll Administrative Systems
  • Student Administrative Systems
  • Enterprise Data and Analytics
  • Enterprise Information Services
  • Financial Administrative Systems
  • University Support Systems

Teaching and Learning

Classroom Technologies

  • Teaching and Learning Tools
  • Computer Labs


  • Email Calendaring and Collaboration
  • Software Licenses

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Accessible Technologies
  • Business Continuity

IT Administration

  • UW-IT Service Desk
  • IT Administration


  • Research Computing

UW-IT Service Enhancements

See a table of key projects underway, as of January 2015, to improve UW-IT services.