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UW Information Technology
UW Information Technology

UW-IT’s annual budget for FY 2017

UW Information Technology

UW-IT manages an annual budget of approximately $104.4 million to provide support to the University community through the service areas listed below. UW-IT is committed to transparency and accountability to the UW community, and carefully ensures that limited resources are allocated to the highest priorities, with input from information technology governance boards and committees comprised of representatives from across the University.

What is the Basic Bundle?
Almost 50 percent of UW-IT’s FY 2018 budget is dedicated to providing a basic bundle of essential IT services to all UW students, faculty and staff.
These basic services are supported by UW central funds and from the Technology Recharge Fee (TRF) funds. This fee was established in FY 2011 to provide a sustainable, long-term funding model for IT. It replaced an outdated recharge model based on phone lines, which did not fully cover the cost of services. The TRF is a per-capita rate paid by all UW academic and administrative units and UW Medical Centers.

Expenses by Service Category Dollars
Administrative Systems 24,335,640
Ancillary Admin Systems 1,417,579
Data Analytics 3,415,197
Document Management 2,073,912
Financial Systems 2,761,753
HR Payroll Systems 7,072,489
Student Systems 7,594,710