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UW Information Technology

A Year in Partnerships 2017

UW Information Technology

Working together to advance the University’s mission

As the central IT organization for the University, we collaborate with partners across all three campuses, UW medical centers and global research operations to advance teaching, learning, innovation and discovery. These are some of our stories.

Microbes will lead the way

UW researchers tease out the secret world of Lake Washington microbes to learn how they can become our allies for a healthier environment.
Find out how

Hyak supercomputer

A crystal ball for climate change

Developing a model to predict flood in the Pacific Northwest requires nothing less than a supercomputer.
Read on to find out why

Building community across borders

Evans School and UW-IT build learning platform to connect students who want healthier communities in their African nations.
See how they connected on- and offline

ISC and Workday

A foundation for change

Unprecedented change doesn’t come without challenges but new HR/Payroll system establishes path for continued modernization at the UW.
Find out how Workday is transforming the UW

A ring of progress

In a region rich in technology, the UW partners with its neighbors to help public institutions bridge the digital divide.
Check out how fiber-optics are connecting the region

Moving forward

To support the work of the University, UW-IT is implementing key initiatives for FY 2017


UW-IT carefully manages its budget, always committed to transparency and accountability to the UW community