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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 99 Number 3 (Summer 2008)


Asahel Curtis and the Fight over the Olympic National Park. William H. Wilson, 107-21

Victor Steinbrueck Finds His Voice: From the Argus to Seattle Cityscape. Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, 122-33


Matthew Klingle, Emerald City: An Environmental History of Seattle, by Matthew Dennis, 135-36

Mary Dodds Schlick, Coming to Stay: A Columbia River Journey, by Lisa Blee, 136

Gordon Hak, Capital and Labour in the British Columbia Forest Industry, 1934-74, by Ben Bradley, 137

James K. Agee, Steward's Fork: A Sustainable Future for the Klamath Mountains, by Bob H. Reinhardt, 137-38

Warren Sommer, The Ambitious City: A History of the City of North Vancouver, by Kathleen A. Brosnan, 138-39

Kristin McAndrews, Wrangling Women: Humor and Gender in the American West, by Leisl Carr Childers, 139-40

George Byron Wright, Baker City 1948, Tillamook 1952, and Roseburg 1959, by Tony Wolk, 140-41

Lawrence Kreisman and Glenn Mason, The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest, by Leland M. Roth, 141-42

Jean Pfaelzer, Driven Out: The Forgotten War against Chinese Americans, by Seema Sohi, 142-43

Ken Ross, Pioneering Conservation in Alaska, by Steve Haycox, 143-44

Dale L. Morgan, Shoshonean Peoples and the Overland Trails: Frontiers of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1849-1869, by Michael L. Tate, 144-45

E. Wayne Carp, Adoption Politics: Bastard Nation and Ballot Initiative 58, by Mina J. Carson, 145-46

Richard S. Hobbs, Catastrophe to Triumph: Bridges of the Tacoma Narrows, by Michael P. Kucher, 146

K. Douglas Munro, ed., Fur Trade Letters of Willie Traill, 1864-1894, by Brian Schefke, 146-47

Russell H. Holter and Jesse Clark McAbee, Rails to Paradise: The History of the Tacoma Eastern Railroad, 1890-1919, by William L. Withuhn, 147-48

Mark Forsythe and Greg Dickson, The Trail of 1858: British Columbia's Gold Rush Past, by Christopher Herbert, 148-49

Margaret Herring and Sarah Greene, Forest of TIme: A Century of Science at Wind River Experimental Forest, by Marc A. Entze, 149-50

Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., Nez Perce Country, by Nathan E. Roberts, 150-51

William Barr, Arctic Hell-Ship: The Voyage of HMS Enterprise, 1850-1855, by Michael A. Hennessy, 151-52

Patrick J. Graham, comp., Colville Collections: Military Fort Colville, 1859 to 1882, Vol. 2, by Michele Nacy, 152

Andrew Parnaby, Citizen Docker: Making a New Deal on the Vancouver Waterfront, 1919-1939, by Jonathan Rees, 153

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis, 155-56

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