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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 99 Number 2 (Spring 2008)


Documents from the Indian Fishing Rights Controversy in the Pacific Northwest. Submitted by Richard DuWors, 55-65

"The System of the Globe": Alexander Mackenzie and the Course of Climate Change. David L. Nicandri, 66-72

Demographic Borderlands: People of Mixed Heritage in the Russian American Company and the Hudson's Bay Company, 1670-1870. Roxanne Easley, 73-91


Kevin R. Marsh, Drawing Lines in the Forest: Creating Wilderness Areas in the Pacific Northwest, by Peter Boag, 92-93

Alan D. St. John, Oregon's Dry Side: Exploring East of the Cascade Crest; and Martin Winch, Biography of a Place: Passages through a Central Oregon Meadow, by Keith R. Benson, 93-94

Katherine G. Aiken, Idaho's Bunker Hill: The Rise and Fall of a Great Mining Company, 1855-1981, by Terrence Delaney, 94-95

Mathew Manweller, The Right Opinion: A Heretic's Voice from the Ivory Tower, by Anthony Gill, 95-96

Sydney Stevens, Dear Medora: Child of Oysterville's Forgotten Years, by Lisa Blee, 96

Marcus Møller Thrane, Selected Plays of Marcus Thrane, trans. Terje I. Leiren, by Oyvind T. Gulliksen, 97-98

Allan H. Smith, Takhoma: Ethnography of Mount Rainier National Park, by Robert B. Campbell, 98

Robert E. Ficken, Washington State: The Inaugural Decade, 1889-1899, by Brian Casserly, 98-99

Masako Fukawa, ed., Nikkei Fishermen on the B.C. Coast: Their Biographies and Photographs, by Andrea Geiger, 99-100

Andrew P. Duffin, Plowed Under: Agriculture and Environment in the Palouse, by Lee Ann Hall, 100-101

Katsutoshi Kurokawa, The Labor Movement and Japanese Immigrants in Seattle, by Jonathan Dresner, 101-102

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis, 103-104

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